Here Are Some Tips to Find the Best Air Conditioning Setting

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Air conditioning units are a relief from the hot weather outside. You use your air conditioner daily, especially when it starts to warm. You must decide what temperature to set the machine every time you use it. So, what is the best temperature to have your air conditioner on during summer, winter, or when the weather is nice? That’s what we’ll answer in today’s blog. Keep reading!

Different Levels of Comfort

The optimal temperature for air conditioning, according to Canstar Blue, is between 25–27 degrees Celsius during the summer months and 18–20 degrees Celsius in the winter. This temperature range is comfortable for most people while also being energy efficient. However, there is no perfect setting for every home, and experimentation may be necessary to find what works best for you.

You may have to choose between lower electricity bills and a more comfortable home, or you may be interested in finding a balance between the two. Keep in mind that several factors can affect the temperature in your home, such as the number of residents, your physical activity, humidity, windows, and the amount of direct sunlight the house gets. The best air conditioning temperature setting is the one that keeps you and your family comfortable.

Remember that air conditioners are designed to offset extreme temperatures, regardless of whether you live in a warmer or cooler climate. Efficiency is essential, but comfort should also be taken into consideration.

Dealing with Sydney’s Climates

Australia’s most efficient air conditioning temperature depends on the climate and season. Summers can vary depending on where you are in the country, whether you’re in the southern regions where it is often more relaxed than other places, or you’re located at the tip of the country where summers are sweltering. But no matter how diverse climates can be, many Australians prefer settings of 22 degrees Celsius in the summer months and 19 degrees Celsius in winter. 

While the above standard does apply to Australia’s territories, let’s focus on Sydney. According to Canstar Blue, the ideal settings for air conditioning are as follows:

  • Summer cooling: 26–27 degrees Celsius.
  • Winter heating: 20 degrees Celsius.

Why specifically are those settings the best? Aside from each person’s unique temperature threshold, these numbers increase efficiency. The less it has to work during those seasons, the less electricity it consumes, meaning a lower utility bill!

For reference, Ergon Energy approximates that every additional degree cooler in summer adds around 10 percent to the electricity usage. Compute with the Ergon air con cost calculator to see how small changes can result in a considerable cost difference!

You may still need to adjust the settings even with the temperature range. Each person and home can have varying comfort levels. There may also be a cold flash during summer, so homeowners may have to adjust their settings to fit these seasonal fluctuations. 

Remember, finding the correct air conditioning settings is not about turning your home into a meat freezer or hot sauna. It’s to offset the intense heat or cold outdoors. You should aim for a light, permeating breeze that doesn’t make you sweat. That’s when you’ve hit the right spot!


While the ideal temperature setting for air conditioning in Sydney is between 20–27 degrees Celsius (depending on the season), your location’s climate could still affect this rule of thumb. That’s why you should work with experts in air conditioning from Penrith like Roberts Air Conditioning! Operating since 2014, we’re experts on sales, installation, repairs, and more, so you can get the most out of your unit—whether you’re a commercial or residential establishment! 

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