What Happens When You Refuse or Forget AC Maintenance?

AC Maintenance

Homeowners have their hands full in maintaining many parts and fixtures in the home. The air conditioner should be no exception, as it requires professional service in order to continue running smoothly and more efficiently. But, alas, a lot of homeowners usually neglect to schedule this kind of appointment.

Often, it might be a case of forgetfulness. When the AC is working fine, it can be hard to wonder why maintenance check-ups are still needed. There are also situations wherein homeowners may purposefully choose not to arrange AC maintenance sessions for their homes since they believe it’s not required.

Unfortunately, there are a number of consequences that come as a result of refusing or forgetting AC maintenance, such as:

1) Questionable Air Quality

One of the most significant reasons why homeowners need to maintain their AC is to keep their indoor air clean and healthy. Air pollution and impurities can build up in the HVAC system, which can harm your health and even cause respiratory problems.

During a check-up with a technician, the AC is inspected to make sure that its interior parts are clean. This is to ensure that no mould, dirt, or other contaminants find their way into the home, resulting in a situation where the air quality is compromised.

2) Higher Energy Bills

Air conditioners that aren’t maintained often result in higher energy bills. This is because the AC is consuming more energy than usual in order to maintain the indoor temperature. All of that extra energy that isn’t made use of ends up increasing the monthly electric bill, which can be a costly expenditure for the homeowner.

3) Inconvenience During Hotter Days

ACs can break down when you least expect it without proper maintenance, which can be a pain during the hotter days of the year. The homeowners who think it is best to just ignore the AC to save on money should instead make an investment, ensure that their unit is working properly, and avoid such a preventable inconvenience.

4) Increased Likelihood of Repairs

As mentioned above, AC units that aren’t maintained on the schedule are prone to breakdowns, as well as system failure. When this happens, homeowners may need to pay for repairs and cover costs that could have been prevented with proper maintenance.

Scheduled maintenance can help to keep these AC systems in good condition so that they last long and don’t incur any major repairs in the future. Keep in mind that maintenance would be especially needed after repairs, though, to constantly check and optimise the system.

5) Frequent Need for Replacements

AC units that are not maintained at all can require replacements sooner than expected. This is because the units will become worn out and aged. They may also be more prone to damage, making them unsafe for the family to use in their home.

Try to look at AC maintenance as a necessity for a longer life span, with the unit providing home comfort and securing health. This is why you should schedule a maintenance appointment every year, or at least every two or three years.


In closing, it is important to consider scheduling AC maintenance to keep your HVAC system in good condition. This is to ensure its longevity and to avoid further expenses in the future with constant repairs, replacements, and other issues.

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