Service & Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is imperative on all air conditioning systems, be it a newly installed system to an existing older system.

A system which is not maintained correctly can cause in-efficient operation, high power consumption, premature damage to components and reduced life expectancy of your system. All of which may result in excess costs as the system ages.

Our maintenance service includes but is not limited to general air con cleaning, cleaning of filters and condensate drains. Inspecition of electrical connections and checking of refrigerent levels.

We can tailor an air conditioning service and maintenance package for your home, office and commercial premises.

Our fully qualified staff will carry out all maintenance which can provide you with an early diagnosis and repair (if required) that can often prevent costly repairs in the future.

We also provide a full air conditioning repair service on all types of systems in all types of applications. Getting your system back up and running on time and on budget is what we strive for on a consistent basis.

To arrange for a tailored service and air con maintenance package or breakdown service, please contact us today.

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