Do You Need Air Conditioning Services: Here Are 4 Signs You Do


The blistering heat in Australia is easy to deal with if one has an air conditioning unit at home. In fact, Australians heavily rely on their air conditioning units to remain comfortable all year round, so it’s fair to say that a unit breaking down can cause great distress in one’s household.

It’s worth noting that modern air conditioning units are pretty reliable, resulting in most homeowners becoming lax in their duty to maintain them. Reliable doesn’t mean invincible, though.

If you want to ensure that your air conditioning unit is with you during the hottest days, you need to know the signs of breaking down to replace or repair it. Here are a few red flags to watch out for. 

1. The Unit Emits Weird, Loud Noises

If you’re used to the relatively silent functioning of your air conditioning unit, you’re likely to be alarmed by an unfamiliar loud noise coming from it. The system may be working as usual, but there’s just an external factor added to this.

One cause of this is a piece of debris blocking the airflow, causing the system to work harder. A blocked air filter can also result in this loud noise.

This is not a problem in itself unless the noise becomes a constant thing. By then, your air conditioning unit may be breaking down, and this would be a good time to call a professional air conditioning service for help.

2. Sudden Lack of Cooling

One of your air conditioning’s primary functions is to cool your home. If it suddenly stops doing its job, it’s a telltale sign of a problem with your air conditioning unit.

One cause of this can be a loss of refrigerant in your air conditioning system. This coolant is what makes the system turn into an air conditioning unit. In addition, it’s also a required component to make the compressor work efficiently.

A loss of refrigerant may cause the compressor to fail. This is a problem, as the compressor is a compulsory part of the system. If possible, call for an air conditioning service immediately so you can save your unit from further damage.

3. The Sensors Are Alarming

Your air conditioning unit may be working, but there may be something wrong with the internal sensors that control its functionality.

If the system isn’t sensing temperature appropriately, it may not be able to determine what kind of cooling or heating is necessary for the space. 

In this case, you might want to schedule an air conditioning service, by a professional, to check on the sensors and overall system health. 

4. Irregular Airflow

What happens when the system’s airflow becomes irregular? This may also be a sign that your air conditioning unit is breaking down. How can you tell if the airflow is irregular? One way is by measuring the room’s temperature. If the temperature is not even, it’s a sign that the air conditioning unit is having trouble regulating the temperature.

If this is the case, it’s time to call an air conditioning service. A professional can figure out the real culprit and fix the problem accordingly.


It’s easy to brush them off, but these telltale signs may be the first sign of your system breaking down. The next thing you know, the temperature in your room can become unbearable, and you may have to take time off from work to cool your home down.

As much as possible, try to be proactive by calling an air conditioning service instead of waiting for disaster to strike. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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