Do the Right Thing When It Comes to Ducted Air Conditioning

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Ducted air conditioning systems effectively provide central cooling and heating through a series of ducts that run between an external unit and the internal ducts in each room. This is a quick, energy-efficient way to cool or heat your home, and it’s also flexible in that you can run individual ducts to every room you want to cool or heat, thereby keeping your rooms at the exact temperature you want.

There may come a time, however, when problems may occur with your ducted system. Here are some of them, with the right solution at the very end. Be sure to go through each one!

Constriction of Airflow

Sometimes if an object blocks a duct, it can stop needed air from flowing through with ease. An air duct that has been crushed, torn, or twisted by external damage may also suffer from restricted airflow.

The biggest problem with restricted airflow is its effect on your energy bill and the decreased lifespan of the system. Call an air conditioning professional immediately if you notice any damage or think something is blocking the air duct.

Improper Ductwork Layout

Inadequate ductwork is usually noticeable within the first hour or two of operation. A ducted air conditioning system that is too large for a small home or building will undoubtedly lead to significant energy losses. Adequately-sized ductwork for a large home or building can save considerable energy, but an oversized system will not save money when installing or on operating costs. 

Improper Insulation

However, during the winter months, heated air loses a significant amount of energy if there is little or poor-quality insulation.

Loss of Air

If air conditioning ductwork connections are not correctly aligned, they can become loose, resulting in warm or cool air escaping quickly. 

If you notice uneven room temperatures throughout your home and higher energy bills, your ducted unit may have a significant air loss problem. The great news is air conditioning professionals can quickly fix this.

Dirty Air Ducts

Small and large gaps in air ducts can suck up impurities, including dust. This can negatively impact air quality and pose a risk of eye or nasal allergies.

If you own ducted air conditioning at home, hire a professional to clean your air filters before the dirt builds up too much. Do not clean it yourself!

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