4 Essential Tips for Taking Care of Your AC System

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A regular inspection of your air conditioners (AC) is recommended because the longevity of your unit depends on it.. With proper maintenance , you can save money on costly repairs and optimise the efficiency of your unit. 

Here are six tips you can follow to keep your air conditioner in good shape:

1. Clean your return air filters regularly

Remember that air filters keep dust out but clog with time. Some dust particles can obstruct your AC’s airflow, which reduces machine speed and efficiency. As such, clean  air filters regularly, at least once  a month is recommended.

Depending on use, it is beneficial to replace your air filters 1-2 times a year, especially if you can see wear and tear on the filter material.You may need to consult the manufacturer or call an air conditioning contractor before replacing air filters, because using the wrong kind of filter can cause potential issues with your AC unit.

2. Schedule a coil and fan barrel clean

After a while of running time your coil can build up with mould and dirt which blocks airflow and causes strain on the system. This is also unhealthy air that you and your family are breathing. Contact your local air conditioning expert to schedule your next coil and fan barrel clean. 

3. Schedule AC Service

As mentioned above, you can clean the air conditioning filters yourself, but hiring an expert to complete a full maintenance service on the unit,  at least once a year is recommended. The expert checks parts of the unit that you at home cannot, for example, cleaning out the condensate drains and checking gas pressures/temps. 

4. Know the limit of your unit

If your AC unit is beyond repair or still functioning but consumes too much energy, consider replacing your unit with a brand new, energy-efficient one. Depending on the type of system, and the manufacturer, typically air conditioning systems can have a lifespan ranging from 10-20 years.). If your unit has seen better days, it is worth having a cost benefit analysis done by an AC expert, which will tell you if it is worth your while to replace it with a new system. Sometimes, even though replacing your unit is a bigger upfront cost, it will actually save you more money in the long run.


Even if you know your way around AC units, it is still wiser to let a professional handle the job of checking, repairing, cleaning, and maintaining your AC unit. They will be able to diagnose problems you may not be aware of and resolve the issue before it gets worse. 

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