Checks for Your Air Conditioners during Winter Seasons

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Your air conditioners control the temperature in your home, but you must also make sure that they are ready for seasonal changes. This must be completed for them to assist you in keeping your home comfortable throughout the year.

We will discuss in this article the different things you need to consider in preparing your air-con unit for the winter seasons.

1. Check for Seal Duct Leaks

As the temperatures drop, the amount of heat your air-con unit generates rises. The heat inside has to be expelled by the fan at the back of your unit. This process creates the noises you hear. For this reason, it could mean that there is something wrong if the noises you hear are not the same as before.

When you hear strange noises from your air conditioner, it is time to check for seal leaks. Seal leaks are a serious issue that must be dealt with immediately. They make your unit use additional energy, generating more heat that can compromise its internal parts.

Besides listening for odd sounds, it is necessary to make sure that you take the time to examine the seal ducts for swelling. You can make contact with duct sealant and fill the gap. If you are unsure, you can always call in an expert to do this for you.

2. Change Air Filters

The filters are critical in protecting the air conditioning unit. When you install clean air filters, your air-con can run smoothly. They also help in improving the airflow. You will notice that you will be able to use the air conditioning unit more efficiently. The unit will also be able to operate at lower capacities.

One of the best things about cleaning the filters is that they do not cost much. You can get the filters from your local hardware or home improvement stores.

Furthermore, make sure that you examine the filter for holes and tears. This can be done during a routine inspection that should be done during the summer seasons. When you do not change the filters, it can increase energy usage. It may also cause more wear and tear in the system.

3. Check to See If There Is Enough Refrigerant

The refrigerant is what makes the air conditioners work. It is responsible for chilling the air as it passes through the unit. 

In addition, whether you are using the heat pump or the compressor, there is always a certain amount of refrigerant that should be present. If there is not enough refrigerant in the air conditioning unit, it will result in inefficient cold air. However, too much refrigerant can cause the unit to freeze up.

4. Check the Thermostat’s Accuracy

Having a thermostat that works well is very important because it has to be able to tell you how hot or cold your home is. Too much inaccuracy can make the air conditioning unit hard to control, so you should be careful.

If you have an automatic thermostat, your unit will not turn on effectively if it’s broken. If the room is too hot, the air conditioner may go into overdrive. This means it will keep pushing out cold air to cool things down.


By carrying out the steps presented in this article, you will have prepared your air conditioners for the winter seasons. This will ensure that they can work efficiently.

If you find that there is still a common problem after doing the steps mentioned above, you can always call for air conditioning repair services near you. Since 2014, Roberts Air Conditioning has been your one-stop-shop and local trade expert for air conditioning sales, installation, repairs, and maintenance throughout Sydney. Contact us today!