5 Signs That Indicate You Need Air Conditioning Service

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You want your air conditioning system at home to function as efficiently as possible, you need to have it serviced regularly. However, there are instances when air conditioning service is required before your next scheduled maintenance appointment.

Even if you have your air conditioning maintained regularly, it may still break down. Here are several telltale symptoms that your air conditioner requires a professional diagnosis and you should call in the experts, before the problem gets worse. 

When Is The Best Time to Seek Air Conditioning Repair?

You should contact a professional as soon as you notice a problem with your air conditioner. You still have time to get it mended before it stops working or the damage escalates. The following are five signs that your air conditioner isn’t functioning properly.


If your air conditioner’s refrigerant is leaking, you should immediately take action. The refrigerant has the potential to harm humans and animals.

If your air conditioner is leaking, puddling, or freezing, you most likely have a blocked condensation line. This line eliminates moisture accumulated throughout the cooling process in your home. Excess condensation can freeze on the coils, seep out, or puddle on the ground if it’s clogged or leaking. 

This is also likely a symptom of a gas leak. Contact your home warranty company if you observe excess water near your air conditioning unit. You can save a lot if you determine this problem before it worsens.

Moreover, you may have a clogged drain tube if water flows out of your machine. While it is not as dangerous as a refrigerant leak, ignoring it might lead to bigger problems.

No Air Cool 

It’s an indication that your air conditioner has to be serviced if the air coming from the vents isn’t as cold as before. Even if the compressor is set to maximum, it could signify a faulty compressor if it isn’t blowing cold air. A lack of chilly air could also indicate a low refrigerant level.

Restricted Airflow 

If air isn’t circulating throughout your home or office, you should have it checked. This problem can be caused by various factors, including clogged filters or obstructed ducting. Dirt and dust build up in the vent, clogging the ductwork.

Smells and Sounds That Aren’t Right

When your air conditioner starts producing strange noises, it’s time to get it serviced. If you hear metal grinding against another metal, turn off the system immediately and do not use it to avoid additional damage. If this occurs, it could only be a matter of time before the unit fails completely. 

A burning scent coming from the air conditioner could indicate burned wire insulation. If your ducting has a musty odour, mould may be growing inside. You should seek an air conditioning repair service specialist as soon as possible to assess the situation and perform the necessary repairs.

Temperature Increase

A rise in air conditioner temperature could indicate a filthy coil, damaged electrical components, a broken motor fan, or a refrigerant leak. It would be best not to attempt to repair the device yourself. Instead, hire a professional who offers air conditioning service in St Marys to do it for you.


HVAC systems are complicated and necessitate a large number of well-functioning components. This implies that a large number of components may require repair. However, keep an eye out for indicators and monitor the operation of your HVAC system. You might be able to identify early warning signals before they become major issues.

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