5 Things to Do for a More Efficient Air Conditioner

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Having an efficient air conditioner is beneficial to have all year round, especially when it comes to cold winters and humid, hot summers. To get the best results from your air conditioner, here are some things that you can do to help it function more efficiently, which will then result in savings on energy bills.

 1) Schedule Regular Maintenance

 Air conditioning maintenance is a very important aspect in ensuring that your AC keeps functioning at its best. Depending on how often you use it, we generally recommend at minimum, annual servicing for residential units, and 3-6 monthly for commercial units.

 If you haven’t had a system health check completed on your unit recently, it is always worth doing so, as it increases the longevity of your unit, and can help to prevent more costly issues from arising down the track. Some people choose to maintain their units at the beginning of summer or winter, when they know they will use the system more, and therefore have it ready to tackle the season.

2) Cool Specific Rooms as Needed

 One of the biggest mistakes people make when using their AC is keeping them on in rooms when they are not needed anymore. Your unit shouldn’t be overworking itself in an area where you are not present to even enjoy the coolness or warmth.

If you leave the AC on for too long of a period, it will have to keep cooling the entire house. The home’s unit must work harder and longer to keep up with the demand, which doesn’t really bode well at all for its performance in the long run. Only cool specific rooms when needed.

 3) Have Ventilation Strategies in Place

 Air conditioners can only do so much if there is a build-up of humidity and moisture in the house. The AC cannot pump out moisture, so it’ll have to work extra hard to get rid of any excess moisture in the air. Have insulation and ventilation solutions in place so that the unit can be more effective in doing its job.

4) Understand and Utilise the Settings

 Reading and understanding the setting options of your air conditioner will make it work more effectively. If you find it too hard to read, familiarise yourself with the settings and what the temperature scale represents. That knowledge will make it easier for you to adjust it to your liking and will also make the AC more efficient.

5) Clean or change your return air filter regularly

Just like having your system serviced annually, cleaning or even changing your return air filters regularly, also plays a vital role in making your air conditioner as efficient as possible. Depending on the kind of unit you have, you might need to wash your filters with a hose, or vacuum them; or you could potentially use disposable filters, which work more effectively and should be replaced every 3-6 months. Even if you do the right thing, and have your unit maintained annually/quarterly, it is still important to clean your filters in conjunction with your preventative maintenance.


 Nothing beats the feeling of a cool home in the summer, and a warm home in the winter. Efficient air conditioners can help make this possible, especially when set up/used correctly and with regular maintenance. It also helps to consult a professional air conditioning technician to know more information on getting the most out of your unit.

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