How To Choose Commercial AC Maintenance Services?

Commercial AC Maintenance Services

Air conditioning system is one of the biggest power consumers in commercial facilities. So it becomes necessary to implement power-saving practices in your commercial facilities. These practices include installing a good quality AC system, preventive maintenance, and more. 

Once you install a good AC system, the next thing in line is regular maintenance. Commercial air conditioning maintenance is one way to ensure better performance and decrease power costs. It also increases the lifespan of your AC system. 

This raises the question of how to choose commercial AC maintenance services. To determine the answer to this question, you have to understand the AC maintenance checklist. Let’s have a look at these points to understand the AC maintenance checklist. 

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

When it comes to commercial facility AC maintenance, let the professionals do the job. But in some cases, your regular maintenance crew can get the job done. It will help you save money and utilise your staff’s capabilities. 

Changing The Air Filters

If the airflow is smooth, the AC works efficiently and consumes minimal power. But if there is a restriction in air flow, then your system has to work harder. It results in more power consumption and an increase in electricity bills. So ensure your maintenance crew changes the air filters regularly. 

Dust and debris are common causes of airflow blockage. So instruct your crew to examine the AC system regularly. This way, you will know when to change the filters or do you need to hire professionals. 

Visual Inspection         

Visual inspection is one of the simplest ways to ensure that your system is in optimal condition. But usually, in commercial facilities, this process is often left out. Until there is a system breakdown. Instruct your management staff to do a visual inspection to avoid this scenario. While inspecting, check all the major and minor components of the system. If something seems off, identify the need of expertise to solve the issue. Connect with AC maintenance professionals immediately if it seems like a major issue. 

Keep The Drainage Line Clean

The AC system creates water vapours when you use it. These water vapours are channelled out through drainage pipes. This condensed water is stored in the exterior collection tray, and eventually, it evaporates into the air. But microbes like algae and mould can grow in these trays resulting in drain blockage. 

Ensure that your maintenance crew empties out these trays. If not empty, water can overflow and cause damage to your property. 

Choosing Commercial AC Services

Understand Your Requirements

It is important that you understand your commercial facility’s AC system requirements. Do you need a service provider that is available 24/7? Are you looking for a provider that provides flexible scheduling? What is your budget, and is it worth choosing expensive services? You have to figure out the answer to these questions before choosing a company. You can discuss these questions with your management crew to have better clarity.  


A good commercial air conditioning maintenance company will provide inspection services. It will benefit both you and the service provider. They can provide you with a better price, and all issues will be resolved at once.  

Company’s Website

Nowadays, most good companies have websites. You can check potential service providers’ websites to see how they present themselves online. Also, you can read reviews and testimonials on their website. If a provider doesn’t have a website, then probably their services are outdated too.

Certifications And License

Ensure the services company you choose is government certified and licensed. Don’t choose a third party or shady company to get a cheap discount. Poor maintenance can cause more problems and cost you more in the long run. Plus, it can affect the lifespan of your AC system. 


Like any type of maintenance service, AC repairs are prone to damage. A reliable company usually provides insured services. So, when you choose a fully insured contractor, you don’t have to worry about any damages.  


Your commercial facility management crew can handle a few tasks of AC maintenance. But in severe cases, you have to call up professional services. It is necessary to do so at least a few times a year. If you are seeking air conditioning repairs in Penrith, then contact Roberts Air Conditioning. Let the experts handle commercial AC maintenance challenges. This way, you can ensure your commercial AC system is working in optimal condition.