What Are Some Ways To Prolong Commercial AC Lifespan?

What Are Some Ways To Prolong Commercial AC Lifespan

Air conditioning systems make life easy and comfortable in commercial facilities. They keep the commercial facility environment clean and cool whenever in use. They are one of the largest power consumer systems in commercial facilities. Also, commercial facility AC systems do not come cheap. 

All these aspects make the AC system a valuable asset of commercial facilities. And it becomes crucial to prolong their lifespan. This is where expert AC technicians come into the picture. Expert Commercial air conditioning repair and maintenance are one of the finest ways to prolong the lifespan of AC systems.

Let’s explore these points to understand some ways to increase the lifespan of commercial air conditioning systems.        

Commercial Facility Maintenance Crew

Many commercial facilities have their maintenance crew. These crew or team members are responsible for various types of maintenance in the facility. They can do regular basic AC maintenance. 

The maintenance crew can replace or clean the AC system air filter. Cleaning of the filter should be done regularly. However, the replacement of the filters depends on the use of the system. Dust and debris can block air filters and vents of the AC system. This blockage can affect the air quality of the commercial facility. Also, blocked vents force the AC system to work harder. It can lead to overheating of the AC unit and leads to system failure. 

Crew members can keep a sharp eye on the vents of the system and ensure they are clean. It can help the AC system work smoothly and keep the air temperature optimal in the facility. But even after the honest efforts of the crew, they can’t match the maintenance skills of the expert AC technicians. Let’s explore further how to prolong the lifespan of an AC system.     

Expert Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance 

As stated above, the maintenance crew of the facility can perform basic maintenance. But they are not experts in AC maintenance and can’t clean the system adequately. That’s why expert commercial air conditioning maintenance technicians are here to do this work. They can keep the AC system in optimal condition. Let’s examine these points to understand how expert maintenance prolongs the lifespan of commercial AC. 

  • Expert technicians do not begin maintenance procedures directly. Firstly, they do appropriate inspections and troubleshoot the system. After this, they begin their maintenance process. 
  • In many cases, replacement of the air filter is certain if the AC system is being used at full efficiency. Even if the maintenance crew did a good job cleaning them. Fine dust and debris particles get stuck in these filters, and only clean air goes through the system. 
  • The condenser coil absorbs heat and keeps the air temperature optimal. Even though filters stop dust and debris but over time, the condenser still collects some dirt. Eventually, this dirt can insulate the coil and reduce its capabilities of heat absorption. Expert technicians adequately clean these condenser coils and ensure they are working properly. 
  • Drain pipes carry the condensate out and help the AC system reduce humidity. But sometimes clogged drain pipes reduce the AC system’s efficiency in clearing humidity. Experts use a simple stiff wire and pass it through the drain pipes and clear blockages, if any. 
  • Experts keep a sharp eye on the ductwork. If there is an issue with ductwork, then the AC system won’t cool the place adequately. Expert technicians thoroughly inspect the facility and ensure there are no issues with the ductwork.  

All these expert maintenance techniques keep the AC system in optimal condition. The AC system works smoothly and does not strain the power supply. It increases the lifespan of the system and reduces the power usage of commercial facilities.

Expert Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

When it comes to commercial air conditioning repair, always trust expert technicians. They know AC mechanics and how to fix it properly. In some cases, maintenance or repair crews of the commercial facility might get the work done. But it is better to seek expert technician help to avoid any further damage. Let’s explore these points to figure out why expert AC repair is best. 

  • Indeed, a thorough inspection is the first step of expert AC maintenance. The experts know the appropriate mechanics of the AC system, but they are not magicians. They inspect both indoor and outdoor units of the AC system to identify the problem. 
  • In many cases, repair involves the replacement of old parts. Whereas it is easy to purchase a new AC system, buying spare parts can be challenging. But expert technicians keep spare parts on the go and have the right connection with various manufacturers. They replace the old parts with genuine new ones. 
  • Repairs of AC systems are prone to damage, and even experts can make mistakes. But there is nothing to worry about; expert AC repair services have damage insurance. If something goes south during the repair, they are responsible for that, and the insurance can cover the damage.
  • Experts do not take much time to repair the AC system. This thing becomes crucial when it comes to commercial facility air conditioning. Unoperational AC systems cause inconvenience to many people in commercial facilities. But experts bring in the right equipment and get the AC system fixed as soon as possible.

It is crucial to connect with a genuine AC repair service provider to get the best solution. Don’t look for cheap discounts that might ruin commercial AC’s functionality. Authentic expert repairs provide instant and long-lasting results. These repairs do not cause any damage to the system and help prolong its lifespan.  


The above-mentioned methods indicate that expert repair and maintenance can increase the lifespan of commercial AC. Indeed, the commercial maintenance crew also plays an important role. But in the end, when something goes south, expert technicians are the only ones that can provide the right solution. If you are seeking commercial air conditioning maintenance and repair, then connect with Robert Air Conditioning. Let our expert help you keep your commercial AC system in optimal condition and prolong its lifespan.